A Bit About Us

Here at Yeshua's International School for Education, we see the value God has placed upon His people. We pray and then wait for doors to open where God's hands and feet are needed.
We have taken under our wing, many people, with many needs, from throughout the world. In Uganda we support By His Grace Pig Farm, which is a newly founded farm that has the vision of providing a home for the many babies who are left, orphaned in dumps, toilets and on the streets. Grace is the Father at the farm and Claire is his beautiful wife, and the farm Mother. They have been unable to have children of their own but are responding to the call of God to become the Mother and Father to the many who are without. The Pig Farm has been started in the hope of provided finances and food needed to provide for the children who call it home. We are excited to raise funds to keep this vision in full effect. We also want to help to bring education to the children at By His Grace, pig farm.
We are so excited to support Yeshua's International School, India . This is a house, in India, for children who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Yeshua's has been there and seen the faces of these children, eaten with them, spoken with them and got to know them for who they are. They are being educated and taught skills necessary to make a living. We are humbled to be able to be a part of God's hands and feet for these children.

We believe God will touch, heal, breath-on and renew many lives through anyone who answers the call with a "Yes." Please keep us in your prayers, and if you are led to, please donate. Check out our gallery for a glimpse into the people who's hearts have been touched through the mighty hand of God.

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